The Körfez Sports Club began competing in the 2nd volleyball league in the 1999-2000 Season. In 2001 it became the Saint Joseph Sports Club and in 2003 it was renamed Arkas Saint Joseph.

The club”s name was changed to Arkas Sports Club at the Board of Directors meeting in May of 2005. The club”s primary sports branch is volleyball, but it is also active in sailing and bridge.

Arkas Sports is a young club that aims to increase the number of sports branches in which it participates every year.

Mission: To make a contribution to the development of Turkish sports and to help raise up the next generation of healthy sports enthusiasts, people that will be good examples for society. Operating with this goal in mind, our club”s goal is to build a strong base of players by discovering young talent in Izmir and in Turkey, train players so that they can play for Turkish National Teams at the highest level and to revive the love of volleyball, which has begun to decline.

Vision: To build a base of sportsmen and women that have adopted Arkas”s philosophy and that can achieve victories in Turkish Leagues and in Europe and ultimately become champions. To contribute to the success of the Turkish National Teams.

Date founded: May, 2001
President: Lucien Arkas
Colors: Blue, Dark blue, White
Address: 7563/4 street N:6 Ornekkoy Karsiyaka Izmir, Turkey
Tel: (0 232) 399 30 00
Fax:(0 232) 399 30 30
E-Mail: info@arkasspor.com